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The “CS” in our name is representative of the categories of data solutions we provide.


Core Solutions - Health Checks

Non-invasive health checks are used to analyze your SQL Server environment and check for potential problems before they cause unexpected issues or downtime.

Core Solutions - High Availability/Disaster Recovery

Ensure your data is always available when your business needs it. This can include architecture design and implementation of AlwaysOn Availability Groups, geo-redundant solutions in the cloud, as well as making sure your data is protected and recoverable in even the worst-case scenarios.

Core Solutions - Migrations/Upgrades

Upgrading versions or moving to a new platform can be a nerve-wracking experience. Leverage an experienced database engineer to perform upgrades and migrations for critical systems of all sizes. Put your mind at ease knowing that you can get vendor support and take advantage of the improvements of a modern data platform.

Code Solutions - Infrastructure as Code

Architecture designs including templates optimized for your platform of choice to ensure consistency and repeatability of your builds.

Code Solutions - Automation

Automation is the key to consistency, reliability, and efficiency. Remove the human error factor by using one or more of many available tools.

Cloud Solutions

Whether it's optimizing the type and size of disks for maximum throughput or helping you decide between IaaS or PaaS for you first foray into the cloud, SqlCS can help guide your cloud journey.

Cost Solutions

Ensure you're getting the most value from your investment by making sure you have the right product and licensing for your needs.

Coaching Solutions

Whether it's boosting a sysadmin's confidence in supporting your database server or helping your developers learn how to use modern features that they just don't know about, we can help. SqlCS has a library of training solutions to help make the most of your investment and achieve best-in-class performance, security, and productivity.

Custom Solutions

If you have a SQL Server need that doesn't match up with any of our primary solutions, feel free to run it by us anyway. If we can't help you out, there's a good chance we can refer you to someone who can!

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